Maa Durgar Trinayan

Watch Mayer Chokhe Pujo

Let's see Maa's homecoming from her eyes this year. Here is the first 360-degree video that takes us through what she sees on coming here on the day of Mahalaya. Go full screen and hover your mouse in the screen to view Ma's point of view of Puja 2016. Trinayane 360 - Mayer Chokhe Pujo.

Mayer Chokhe Pujo - Dashami
Mayer Chokhe Pujo - Mahalaya
Mayer Chokhe Pujo - Shashthi
Mayer Chokhe Pujo - Saptami Morning
Mayer Chokhe Pujo - Celebration is for all
Mayer Chokhe Pujo - Saptami
Mayer Chokhe Pujo | Ashtami Pushpanjali
Mayer Chokhe Pujo | Ashtami Bhog
Mayer Chokhe Pujo - Sandhi Pujo
Mayer Chokhe Pujo - Maha Navami Pujo
Mayer Chokhe Pujo - Cleanliness is Godliness

Trinayane 360 - Mayer Chokhe Pujo

On Zee Bangla's Facebook Page Live from Maddox Square

Durga Pujo is the largest festival of Bengal. During pujo we all go for pandal hopping, either individually, or with peers or family, or on Puja Parikramas, organised by corporates. Pujabarshikis, amazing idols, pandals, themes and decorations awe us everytime. We dine together and travel, experiencing the biggest carnival Bengal has to offer.

But do we at all care about what does Maa Durga think? What does she see on coming here? That's what Mayer Chokhe Pujo is all about!

This year, let's watch Durga Pujo from Maa Durga's eyes.

It's a journey that takes people through a series of moments from Maa Durga's point of view. The journey starts right after the Chakshudan on the day of Mahalaya at Kumortuli. Then Maa Durga keeps watching everything around, she looks at the city streets while being taken to the Pandal, she looks at the crowd and finally the journey ends as the idol is immersed on the day of Dashami.

A collection of videos of what Maa Durga has seen this yearwillbe available on Zee Bangla's Facebook Page. To watch Mayer Chokhe Pujo this year,stay tuned! The wait has never been better!